Knowledge is the Main Driver of Development

Knowledge is the main driver of development. The correlation between education and rate of economic development has long been well established.

Regions that boast high levels of education also have populations with higher skill levels and consequently are more prosperous.

It is therefore is not surprising that Africa has long struggled to achieve the levels of economic development it deserves as the manpower largely remains unskilled due to lack of know-how which has hindered socio-economic development.

TechPreneur Africa is focused on accelerating development across Africa by building strategic partnerships and linkages with more developed regions of the world.

Founded with the support of the MIT Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship and the MasterCard Foundation, TechPreneur Africa is a social impact organization that empowers African entrepreneurs, institutions, governments and other developmental stakeholders to accelerate significant and sustainable economic advancement.

We create value for our clients and strive for broad and deep social impact through our projects. We build human capacity by

  1. Identifying world’s best practitioners of specific knowledge/expertise gap areas.
  2. Creating mutually beneficial linkages between global experts and clients to ensure effective sharing of relevant key learnings.
  3. Guiding in the formation of true partnerships that will help achieve mutually beneficial and sustainable development.
  4. Providing access to key players and actionable insights into previously inaccessible markets across the continent.

The unique complexities of the continent mean that to achieve significant and sustainable results, solutions cannot just be copied and replicated from more developed climes. We bring decades of contextual experience in effective and pragmatic service delivery across the continent. Our focus is on sustainable and measurable results.

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