Business Advisory & Consulting Services

Hub Management: TechPreneur Africa has developed the capacity to manage & operate world-class Innovation hubs. Our program provide access to the best Hub Management professionals in the world. This will ensure our clients can leave the management of Innovation Hubs to the experts while they focus on doing what they do best – serving their customers. Our hubs must include built in sustainability models to ensure they are running financially independent.

We build & manage high impact, sustainable hubs that foster innovation, entrepreneurship & job creation

Partnership Promotion: Africa presents huge opportunities but also huge risk primarily due to information opacity. After several decades of successful engagement across key sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, we understand success largely depends on getting accurate and in-depth information that is usually unobtainable from conventional sources. At TechPreneur Africa, we recognize the need for access to high quality local market knowledge, deeper understanding of local actors and strategic partners that could ultimately add value to any expanding global business. We provide expertise and leverage technology and in-country sources to achieve just that. We provide credible, concise, timely and actionable market intelligence on Africa’s most dynamic growth markets and key players. Our activities are focused on ensuring the facilitation of transactions i.e. to ensure our clients meet their objectives.

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